Fall Fashion for Real Men

Man Cave Contributor: RALF @RalfSays

Some guys think that a pair of Lee Jeans and a camouflage fleece that they picked up in the hunting section of Wal-Mart is both manly and stylish. This is not for those guys. However, if you’re a young, successful professional, or you just want to look like one, then pay attention!

In a city like New York, as the summer winds down, the fashion-literate gentlemen who spend their days at work writing ad copy, erecting sky scrapers, fighting crime etc. begin to feel excited about September. Not because it’s my birthday month, but because September is the start of a season where you don’t have to worry about staying cool, or freezing your balls off and you can just concentrate on looking good.

Now, I can already hear some of the “Macho Men” around the city muttering “Why do you care about Fall fashion? What are you – a chick?”

To them I say: I like to look nice. Sue me.

If you’re one of those guys who gets excited about hitting Barney’s, Saks, J. Crew or wherever you like to shop for light jackets, sweaters, and chill hoodies – then stick around while I take you through some of the must-haves this Fall season in each essential category. And if you’re already starting to sweat what this might do to your bank account, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.

Not only are Jeans warmer – they’re cooler too.

As the weather cools off, we tend to put away the cargo shorts and take out the denim for our “everyday” look. But even the “everyday”, ordinary look can and should make you a prime depository for business cards and girls’ phone numbers.

When it comes to denim, I have two rules: 1.) Stay on the dark side, it just looks better. 2.) GET ‘EM HEMMED! –Nothing looks worse than a $200 pair of jeans that are ripped up at the bottom, because you couldn’t be bothered to spend another $15-$20 to make them fit.

The Hoodie– for your day off.

Real men wear sweaters— and these options speak for themselves.

Stay warm and look good– jackets and coats.

Suazmo gents weighed-in too on what they were most excited to don this fall:

“Only Rick Owens matters.”– WILL

“No one’s doin’ FW 11 better than Gant by MB, d2, Woolrich Woolen Mills, D&G, and Tommy. Riviera Club is pretty dope too”– KYLE

PS. for the gents that aren’t fans of shopping at all, Trunk Club is a must– “hand-selected outfits shipped to your door,” be sure to check it out.

Have other designers/trends/styles YOU’RE excited for? Drop them in a comment below. Real men can talk “fashion”- well because we know how to dress.

Suaz reviews men’s fashion from the ladies POV |  Men of NYC: Be Trendy.


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