Health & Wellness Expo

Nothing like kicking off one of the largest Health and Wellness Expo’s in NY… KUDOS WPIX, PIX11!

I had the honor of attending with guest passes via friends at Fresh & Co and their mini-contest:

The September PIX11 brought together the top experts in the health and wellness fields for an all-day, all-ages expo hosted by Dr. Steve Salvatore, of the nationally syndicated program “Dr. Steve.”

Through classes, demonstrations, seminars and hands-on experience, PIX11 provided a day of information and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. In doing a quick walk-thru when I arrived, I indeed saw folks of all ages, groups of women especially into health and fitness (meetup groups,) and lots of businesses presenting their health and wellness products, and more.

Some of the brands I found most valuable for those really interested in health and wellness, and not just free swag:

Fresh & Co‘s healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner option menu– check us all out by their very bright, green, and healthy booth!

New Body Bootcamp & Wellness: Aja Davis, check them out on FB
Jon Gallo, certified fitness professional, his team, and fitness products, (also a #beefcake if I do say so myself)
ZclubNY: the best Zumba fitness in NYC- check it out to have some ‘healthy fun’

– Also had the opp to sit in on a warm-up class with Billy Blanks— who by the looks of it, is INTENSE! Ever try Tae Bo? Me neither, but watch this via Suaz Cam:


Another cool health and wellness initiative was this graffiti-style piece in support of creating awareness for Hep C, “Don’t Let Hepatitis C Stay Hidden.” They gave out very creative mini-brochures w/ info (KUDOS to their marketing team,)

and the piece coming along beautifully when I walked by:

Learn more about FINDING HepC because it’s simply not okay that 4M American’s have it and don’t know/don’t care to think about it.

Check out more details about the expo, as well as a couple other S/O’s I wanted to include:

Liquid Lightning Energy: pretty good sugar-free energy drink
– Health and Wellness guru Michele Gordon, guest blogger on Fresh & Co, motivational fitness coach, sweetheart and more!

Thanks again for the guest pass Fresh & Co! I had a blast and hope through my exciting recount, as well as all the others out there- the expo does even better next year!

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