How My Ladies Wear It

In some cultures, when women are in public their bodies are meant to be covered. It is considered sinful to expose the temple that is reserved for their partner’s eyes only. It may seem far removed from Western ideals, but men on this side of the globe still like to implement their wishes on their women. Sit back, I’ll tell you more.

I’m a firm believer in girls showing off the assets they were born with, or the assets they have purchased– let’s face it, everybody knows at least one person who has gone under the knife. Whether you’re blessed naturally or not, wear outfits THAT WILL compliment the assets. As long as you feel comfortable wearing what you’re wearing, then go ahead, and don’t mind if I take a peek. Take Kim for instance, even on a casual day, in this pic you can see a little cleavage with the low cut top, and thick legs/curves in the fitted casual pants.

Some men might argue that they won’t be the only ones looking, but why should that matter? If other men are looking, it only reassures your girl is attractive. If they compliment her– simply turn around, smile and thank them. After all, you’re the one with her and you’re the one who’s taking her home.

It’s always more impressive, of course, when a girl can hide her assets and still get your attention– like Kourtney here, slight imagination with the fitted long sleeve and you know when you turn back to check out the booty, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course TRUST is a big factor. But do you think she wears overalls and turtlenecks when she goes out with her friends? You might as well get a little dose of reality. She probably gets a lot of male attention when you’re not around. Suck it up. It’s not the end of the world. The other men wished they had her.

Now, if you’re a girl who thinks that you have to show off every bit of skin, every time you go out, then you should rethink your strategy.

Unfortunately, to some guys, the way you dress does symbolize the type of person you are, and first impressions stick around for a long time. Ladies, if you notice men you meet are disrespecting you, and you feel uncomfortable, consider a wardrobe change. Look for different ways of accenting your beauty.

At the end of the day, I think you should show off what you’ve got, well…because I won’t ask for permission to show off my guns.

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