Princess Parties

Yes, I’ve always thought I was a Princess all my life– as I’m sure most of you ladies have too. A walk in any one of these beauties’ shoes (or moccasins- Pocahontas) would suffice, thanks to Disney.

Why rub it in Dis? I know my locks can’t flow like Sleeping Beauty’s, or that my abs can’t looks like Jasmine’s, or even that my eyes could be as blue as Ariel’s…but there’s that off chance out there that I may just meet that Prince Charming who will undoubtedly sweep me off my feet in a glistening swirl of love, and off into his arms forever.

Yeah. Well… while I stress ball over that, let me help you turn your daughter into a Prince Charming-craving young lady like moi. Celebrate every one of her young birthdays with a Princess Party! She will, without a doubt, channel a Disney Princess, just as Walt would have it- and you will have made her happy, and saved yourself some cash. How so? Check out “A Blissful Affair’s” Master Princess Party Planners!

I sat with founder Gloria Martinez to chat about why she got into the business and what these parties are all about.

GLORIA: I had my daughter 15 years ago and started getting invited to kid parties. While at one of the parties they had a clown there to entertain the children (doing balloon twisting and playing games and putting temp tattoos on the kids)…I asked the party host, “if you don’t mind me asking, how much are you paying this clown to play with the kids?”

He sadly said “$100 for an hour….kids don’t look too happy & neither am I.”

After the clown left I jumped in and played with the kids and got the party really going – but that’s what I always did at parties…didn’t know I could get paid to do it.

That’s when I had my A-Ha moment and “Ready, Set, Bliss” was born.
I started out as a clown … really! Fat clown suit, red nose, big clown feet, (not cute!) but I painted faces, twisted balloons, did a small magic show, played games, offered cotton candy…etc. In time I changed my look– realizing that kids just want someone to play with them, the clown outfit was more scary than anything else.

Pretty soon the business started to pick up so much I couldn’t cover all the events myself; or the events were too big for just one entertainer so I called on Carla (who had her own business “An Affair to Remember” who focused mainly on weddings but also did kid parties). We worked so close together that we merged in 2005 and became who we are today “A Blissful Affair“.

If its a PARTY, A Blissful Affair is the one to call. We absolutely love what we do….all aspects, all events. My personal favorite, kid parties…fun, care free, energetic, laughter, smiles, cake, cotton candy, dancing, face painting, balloon twisting, games…etc. etc.

Check out A Blissful Affair on FB – let them know about your kids parties!

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