Geneve alla Suaz

I grew up in a small town– one that quite honestly made it really hard to make real friends outside of your immediate clique. However, I was lucky to have a couple of great friends. One of which, although “across the pond,” I’ve stayed so close with through the years— [@ThaRealQhabo] I’d been trying for […]


Bypass Jetlag

I’ve had the leisure of not being tormented by jetlag… don’t know why. Maybe because I’m meant to travel through the rest of my life? Sounds good to me! Other than being able to wake up on time though, a kick of espresso never hurts, it just helps… a lot! So Thabo picked up this Nespresso before […]


Geneva & Paris

Pretty sure “Geneva” is the city I associated with the country “Genovia” from the movie Princess Diaries: Don’t think I knew then, that Genovia was fictional, and Geneva was an actual city (the 2nd most populated city) in Switzerland. Either way, even now, what do I mainly identify with Switzerland? What most of America probably […]