#TakeTheGymBack is Catching

I caught up with Ms Lulu Jaxon who decided last weekend to #takethegymback with @Feed_MEE, @AlbertBorelli and myself, instead of packing on the holiday pounds.

While she’s not in the complete swing of things, she’s on the right track!

Guest Blog: @lulujaxon

Hey y’all! So I went ahead and joined the #TakeBackTheGym movement and at the end of Week One I couldn’t be happier that I did. Before I started I had been out of the gym for six weeks and just could NOT find the motivation to get back.

I read Frankie’s post and for whatever reason it was all I needed…instant motivation!  That day I decided that not only would I go back to the gym but I would stop taking the elevator at work (I’m only on the 3rd floor) and cut cheese out of my diet. I eat an ungodly amount of cheese so it had to be all or nothing. Unfortunately, I didn’t last a day on the “no cheese” thing (there was left over cheesy bread in the fridge :/) but I started taking the stairs immediately and that’s been going great. I’m definitely less winded when I reach the top then when I first started.

To be completely honest, after I decided to #TakeTheGymBack it took me a week to actually get into the gym. I guess I had to get mentally prepared first, but this head start on all the New Year resolutions is exactly what I needed. So if you haven’t, or plan to do so in the New Year, go on ahead and #TakeTheGymBack now! You’ll be happy you did.

Btw 2.2lbs lost in my first week back 😉


Inspired yet? Click on the meme to RT & pledge to #takethegymback this holiday!

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