Burberry Body

Friendly reminder email from Burberry BODY that I really wanted to share, especially because I forgot to blog about my experience when I initially got my exclusive sample in the mail!

I wrote about Burberry’s strategy for PR Diva because I thought it was an awesome digital campaign. Everything about the execution was on point… Burberry is a brand that’s doing it right. They offered exclusive samples of their new fragrance BODY only to FB fans. Watch the exclusive invitation.

I honestly didn’t think I’d get my sample, I thought it would be a “while supplies last” stunt, which would have been REALLY disappointing to LOTS of fans.

But low and behold, about a month later, I received a small package straight from Burberry, UK, with my sample/tester of BODY, and corresponding materials.

THANKS Burbs! Love my sample. Mission accomplished; I bought myself a bottle= #musthave.

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