Inventor at Heart

I’m impressed by the people that pursue great inventive ideas because I think it takes a good mix of ambition as well as an entrepreneur mind-set to be discovered.

Not that I’m not ambitious and/or able to execute any one of my creative ideas (which for the record have been quite imaginative and visionary,) but I don’t think I am fearless enough to leave a FT job to follow through an idea that may just be on whim—or even stay at a FT job and then half-ass the idea (wouldn’t be like me anyway.)

Why the mumbo-jumbo? I stumbled upon my boss’ awesome invention while googling her one day. Turns out “Knock on Wood Wood” was an idea she thought would be the next thing since sliced bread. Sans PR and time put-in marketing the product… it didn’t take off. Either way I thought it was a great idea and now that I have one, I love it even more.

Genius isn’t it? I’m sure you’re thinking…” ughhhh WHY didn’t I think of that?!” Don’t we all do that when we see the next infomercial for the next big thing As Seen On TV?

Loren AKA Mrs. Knock on Wood Wood, thought so too.

Suaz: When did you have your groundbreaking “Knock on Wood Wood” idea?

Loren: I came up with the idea before a road trip to Rhode Island. On the way out I wishedfor a traffic free ride and found myself uttering the phrase “Knock on Wood” – my fist searching for a piece of wood to knock on. To my dismay, I found herself surrounded by a sea of plastic without even a sliver of wood in sight. Instead I knocked on my noggin with hopes of avoiding bumper-to-bumper delays. As luck would have it, I sat in 6 hours of traffic in what should have been a 3 hour drive. If only I had a piece of wood to knock on …

For years following that dreadful ride, I talked about creating “knock on wood” wood: a piece of wood that serves the sole purpose of warding off bad luck. Now that dream has become a reality.

Custom-made in my workshop, each piece of Knock on Wood Wood is unique in its own way. I brand, stain and polyurethane each piece myself and hope that the product will not only bring good fortune but a good laugh for the times that we need it most.

What was your original mindset after creating the first Knock on Wood Wood keychain?

To be a millionaire. I wanted it to be the next Pet Rock. I had hoped to be sitting on a beach sipping a pina colada by now…

Where does the idea/business stand now?

I get the occasional order here and there. I’m glad I did it. And if I had more time, there’s probably much more I could do with it such as Twitter engagement (monitoring – seeing how many ppl use the phrase and tweeting them back, etc.) I have a FB page, but don’t have any real engagement. I would love to dedicate more time but I just haven’t. I still think it’s a great idea.

I do still have hopes that it will wind up on Ellen or one of those shows and I’ll have a windfall (Oprah was a pipe dream.)  Like i said, I could do so much more. I had sent them to @z100NewYork awhile back, followed up, got no response and then just gave up. Had I been persistent, tweeted or done anything else, you never know, (this was also back when I lived in an apt though and my “workshop” was my kitchen table. I thought I might die from inhaling toxic fumes if I had to make more than 20 at a time!)

I’ve always been determined to invent something. In fact, that’s still a dream of mine. Even though I kind of already did with KOWW. I just want to invent something that’s like a no brainer – a product that is so “why didn’t I think of that?” 

Note from Suaz: Couldn’t be more proud of someone that follows through on a dream. Don’t worry Loren, z100 will pick it up one day! If not, be sure you personally deliver your next BIG IDEA! Persistant, focused, and decisive, characteristics of an inventor at heart.

Knock on Wood on FB | Tweet Loren @lchecks | The Raves | Buy 3, Get 1 FREE

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