Hello Golden Globes

Award season… the yearly prom-season for the rich and famous. The wins, FAILS, and talk of the Fashion Police for days. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get dolled up for one night, in borrowed (or purchased,) diamonds, designers gowns, pretty empty clutches (because I wonder what these women really have in those clutches,) and flawless makeup.

@MarieClaire recapped the Red Carpet, and I put my Fashion Police badge on. Here are my top 8 from the Golden Globes Red Carpet:

Jessica B, glowing in her recently-engaged bodice, Angelina’s gown (more than hairstyle and red lips,) is gorgeous- LOVE the red fold by the neck line. Selma’s dress couldn’t capture her latin glory any better, fantastic. And Jessica A… girl, didn’t you JUST have a baby? Beautiful gown, great clean updo, and Barbie doll face= perfection.

HELLLO Lea Michelle, you sultry goddess you! Reese and Kate…always so classic, beautiful…flawless. Amy, simple, and age appropriate, love.

Love any of these too? Which were your favorites, or not-so-favorite?

2011 Oscar Faves

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