Cubiclé Love

New job, new “home”; the oh-so-cherished shoe box cubicle.

The entry-level/associate (even junior) employee’s humble abode.

The corner desk that expresses your personality, your work ethic, your interior design skills, and more.

The original Pinterest… the blank canvas for the new professionals coming into the work force.

Some find it restricting and feel “stuck in a corner” professionally, while others… like me, see it as a stepping stone and a home away from home. In checking out neighbors’ cubes, I’ve seen a range of different personalities: cubes that are less decorated but display an inviting bowl of chocolate, and others with desk space for anyone to come by and sit. Others look like their Facebook timeline filled with memorable photos, sports fans that decorate ‘wall’ to ‘wall’ with their team colors and posters, others save brand/work paraphernalia for display, and more.

As time passes at your new employer, in your new “home,” you start to collect more and want to make it more comfy/inviting… take mine for instance. The BF surprised me with flowers which came with a pink bow …the bow now sits on the corner of my monitor and voilà (!) instantly, my cube is more pink, more…ME! One morning I came in and found a black feather boa on my chair, that boa now fills one corner adding more flaire; Christmas cards are pinned in one section, important docs and white board on the other.

My latest addition? Pinned to the East ‘wall’ of my cube…. an awesome 2012 calendar of one of my idol’s Ms. Audrey Hepburn. Isn’t it great? Really, it’s the little things.

Stuck on how to decorate? I won’t preach. I think you should decorate as you would your room, or your car, or your locker in HS.

One thing I will suggest…check out ways to stay organized because small spaces can get cramped QUICKLY. Check out Erica Ecker, “@TheSpacialist,” giving advice via  @DailyMuse on “Small Space, Big Style: Upgrading Your Cubicle.”

In others news, check out some MWWer’s who LOVE their cubes:

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and… a parody of MTV Cribs, MWW Cubes:

Love your cube? Show it love this Valentine’s Day and tweet about it: #mycube. 

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