Valentine’s Day: The Facts

I know exactly what you’re thinking,

”Suaz, weren’t you trying to Save the Singles last Valentine’s? Where’s the negative nancy we know and love?!”

Well here’s the deal, yes times are a changin’, and yes I have a Valentine this year,

 …BUT that doesn’t change my outlook on the Hallmark holiday. Why stress over how much you love someone ONE DAY A YEAR? Obviously that’s not what it means if you actually celebrate it, but that’s how it’s sold to consumers… and consumers believe it, #NotOkay.

Fact: I told him not to plan anything. He’s never had a good Valentine’s Day, and I’m not a big fan of surprises. I do little things for him all the time #justbecause, and visa versa. No need to make a fuss over an overpriced, packed date-night with EVERY OTHER couple in the world.

To my single ladies and gents, you aren’t the only ones out there, so stop dreading Valentine’s Day! Don’t feel like crap because you’re not getting roses or some stupid teddy bear! Be single! Go out and have fun with other singles!

Facts on Facebook and Love, or well “Relationship Status’”:
(of all active Facebook users with a specified status*)

37.4% – “single”
31% – “married”
21.6% – “in relationship”
5.2% – “engaged”
2% – “it’s complicated”
1.2% – “open relationship”

Another fact, did you know: MEN are more desperate to find love?

Turns out “places to meet women” is 55% more searched and popular among New Yorkers then “places to meet men,” according to Google! *

Ladies… the men are looking for you too! Don’t be ridiculous, claim Ben and Jerry are the only men you need, and drown in the misery Debbie ….GO OUT tonight!

 In the spirit of going OUT TONIGHT… a little Mimi:

Not-so-single and need date ideas? Wine & Dine like @UrbanDaddy – these may be hard to get into on such short notice but check out some of their recommendations for a special Valentine’s day.

(*2/9/12 @amnewyork “Play Section”)

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