RIP Money Tree

Tonight, as I boil 2+ lbs of chicken breast for the week, I digress… move her into a trash bag, and remember my little money tree that could.

An obituary from the heart. I got this little plant in 2009 from my best friends parents’ wedding. Felt the need to keep it, nurture it, and hope it would bring me luck and money. God knows what it actually brought me, or if it’s all myth, but HEY the simple-to-take-care-of plant lasted nearly 4 years!

Don’t know what happened more recently… construction in the house, not enough water, or maybe the new location we moved it to… simply killed it. To my dismay, there’s been no cure, and tonight I lay her down to sleep. Thank you little plant for being alive every morning and growing a new leaf every now and then. Small reminder of everything else in this world that lives AND dies; it’s not just us folks.

So I propose  a toast,  to all the OTHER living things in our lives that we may neglect sometimes… they need love too. The more love you give them, the easier it may be for you when they move on.

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