Wedding Dress Blues

Oh god no, I am not wedding dress shopping, nor do I have cold feet about a marriage, and I’m definitely not depressed about a love life and hoarding friends’ bridesmaids dresses to satisfy some in-my-head crazy “I hope my wedding is as perfect,” like Katherine Heigl.

I’m referring to the not-so-traditional approach to bride/groom garb these days. Look, I get it, who doesn’t want their OWN dream wedding? To express their personality via their dress, suit, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, ring barer (dogs,) flowers, centerpieces etc.?

But is there nothing to be said about the beauty of the traditional princess white wedding dress? The charming and handsome way a tux sits on your husbands’ shoulders?

This may be the Walt Disney in me, but that’s all I dream of. And when I see print ads like this for Macy’s:

 I just feel like everyone is straying farther and farther away.

Is it a budgeting issue? (You can rent dresses/suits anywhere these days!) Or is it the vantage of simplicity? Is it really an expression of personality, or is it just a statement? i.e black weddings dresses,  groom/groomsmen in Converse. I guess it’s more about the personalization of your special day? OR is this just advertising to the hipsters of BK that are young and in love?

Maybe it’s just me. I have this whole church-reception- rice-throwing aspect of “marriage” stuck in my head. My wedding will be a mix of both… traditional, with dashes of fabulous ME.

Or should I just pinch myself… who knows if I’ll ever even get married?!


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