A Little Piece of Louisiana in Astoria

In the mood for a change of pace, change of brunch menu? Venture out; outside of your comfort zone, outside your food preference. Take the N/Q to 30th Ave (and 30th Street,) walk 7 blocks (north?) to 37th street, and right before the corner… on the right side of the street (you’re walking north,) is a charming piece of Louisiana aka SugarFreak; no awning so keep your eyes peeled.

Met my Astoria women there, and let’s just say Astoria has another memorable attribute aside from “the beergarden,”  make gifs

…this place is a must try.

From corn pudding and grits to bucket wash sinks in the bathroom and home-style tables/booths, SugarFreak is home away from home for any Southerner—funny I was with two ladies from Alabama. Never mind the normal brunch deal: $10 “unlimited” (contingent on the speed of the bar that day or your hung-over server) drinks, the menu is fatty fatty deliciousness i.e. this “Chicken Deluxe Sandwich,” yes that’s Mac n Cheese on the chicken.

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And because the bathroom was low-lit but SO fantastic:

@SugarFreakNYC‘s Story: “…With family ties to New Orleans and oodles of time spent living in and savoring the sights, tastes and sounds of this special city, the concept naturally progressed to a New Orleans, Louisiana home-style cooking restaurant,” read more.

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