Today on The Train: Accidental Twinsies

“Everybody trying so hard to be different only results in everybody being the same”

I give you, Exhibit A:

Bet you these two had NO idea they wore the exact same thing this AM…sense the slight sarcasm. These young men are simply expressing their individuality, can’t you see? 1/2 ounce hipster (sweater/cardigan) 1/4 ounce tech-savvy (@beatsbydre headphones,) with a splash of uptown fresh (fitted hat and sneakers,) quite the cocktail of lame-O People trying so hard to look different, instead of just expressing their inner-selves.

Curious if these guys each think they are “being themselves”? Dressing the want they want to, for themselves? Next time I’ll ask.

p.s they are friends… they got on together somewhere in Inwood.

In the meantime, read more from Suaz’s random NYC train digest; Today on the Train.

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