Out of Left Field

“Out of Left Field”: an idiom I use far too often and say wrong mostly. I always use it when I want to say something is out of no where, or misguided, but it generally means to be out of touch with the action…but because I don’t know the etymology, I always say right field instead. What a dope.

I hit the Google for some definitions, and if you didn’t already know, the term is out in left field, and this is the most popular theory as to its origin:

In baseball, left field is generally no more remote then centre or right field, but in Yankee Stadium, when right fielder Babe Ruth was an active player, the choice outfield seats were near the Bambino.

Fans in the right field stands derided those “losers” far from the action as being out in left field. Because Ruth was left-handed, most of his drives went to right field too. – The New Dickinson Baseball Dictionary

In spirit of the great Bambino, let’s Yankees fans take a moment to wish our boys good luck tonight and into the next few games. I’d say we’ve had a rocky couple of weeks, let’s get our stuff together… clean up @ Toronto, then come back home for 6 straight games v the Reds and Royals.

In other news, voting for the 2012 All-Stars is open. Fill out your ballot asap; closes 6/28.

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