I promise that I am writing this from THE MOST unbiased place in my mind that I can. Many people know I love the Kardashians, but many people also know I have my reasons, and hate discussing it because it always comes down to WHY I love them. People think it’s because of the fake reality show they have on E! and all the fake weddings they put on…but guess what? It’s not. I don’t watch the shows anymore. I make the choice to A. ignore the 3 additional seasons E! has bestowed them, and B. know that I don’t need to aspire, as a woman, to be like them.

In response to the recent MissRepresentation.org “#whykardashianscall-to-action campaign I say….don’t ask #whykardashians!

Why? Because YOU MAKE THE CHOICE to watch! The media doesn’t idolize them– YOU DO, by watching them and wasting your time following them. The MEDIA plays on your media consumption habits, that’s why the Kardashians are EVERYWHERE.

YOU stop watching and giving them ratings… E! won’t give them 3 more seasons.

YOU stop buying their merchandise at Sears…Sears won’t extend their contract.

They can only do it because you all allow them to.

But here’s the thing: I don’t think it’s fair to ask WHY they are where they are. It’s a media thing, not a Kardashian thing. Quite honestly, from a business standpoint, they leverage every opportunity and they’re SMART about it, and THAT’S why they make the money they make.

Why don’t we ask why moms, teachers, aunts, women role models aren’t helping young girls understand the difference between what they can aspire to be and the picture the media paints and sells them? Aren’t we ever concerned with even just the Disney shows? You don’t think Disney is playing on the sassy characteristics of a rich teenage girl? You don’t think middle-america teens idolize this:

Isn’t it the SAME thing? This is honestly the same story and controversy that’s always gone on about teen girls, and even women, idolizing the photoshopped celeb women on covers of magazines and ads– advocacy groups just need someone to pin it on.

I’m not in disagreement with MissRepresentation,  I just don’t think it’s fair to pin it on the Kardashians. It’s so much MORE than the Kardashians guys…why don’t we ask #whyTEENMOM for example?


  1. @THEKaitMc

    You couldn’t have said it ANY better! #realtalk Anyone in the media will get as much press as people ask for it!

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