Mook Review: Savages

Had no idea Savages was a book adaption! Great review… now which should I read first, Savages, or Kings of Cool? #decisions #goodreads


Savages – Novel by Don Winslow

I picked up Savages after it was recommended to me by a friend in light of the upcoming movie.  I’d never read any of Don Winslow’s work but, after putting down Savages, I was truly able to appreciate the brilliance and intelligence of his writing.  Winslow does his research and was able to create a story that felt authentic from the ground up and it is clear he has a very deep understanding of the relationship between Mexican drug cartels and the U.S. marijuana market.

O, Chon, and Ben’s story is, in the end, a tragedy.  Winslow references Shakespeare in a number of ways through this story.  Obviously, O named for Hamlet’s “Ophelia” was an initial indicator that things make take a Shakespearean turn.  Winslow also incorporated staged scenes into the novel, usually at times of importance, which I found to be a really…

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