Walk of Shame

Why does a walk of shame (WoS) feel so awful all the time? Even when it’s not a hookup WoS? Which, for the record, I still consider a WoS because you’re in the same state you were when you left your house 10 hours ago…it’s shameful! Look at your life and choices. Really you waste of life (lol) you couldn’t make it home last night to sleep in your own bed makeup free, contacts not dry, hair not a mess?

Take for example… ME, this morning. I’m the worst too because not only is it a WoS from a couple’s apt, but I’m not a late sleeper so my WoS felt even more shameful sneaking out to not wake anyone!

Luckily I was able to snag a pair of flip flops (because honestly…in my heels at 9am would have totally given away my long night snuggled with margarita pitchers,) and that’s just one of the most important ways to feel less shameful. Others? Thanks to Campus Socialite I can share a couple more…take note so you feel less shame on your next WoS:

+ maybe bring a change of clothes? Or borrow something decent- nothing like a hooch dress at 9am!

+ comb your hair!

+ fix..your…makeup.

To anyone else walking this AM…walk on Walk of Shamers! But work at it…look less shameful tomorrow morning.

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