Dear Girl In Pink Leopard Bra

To the girl in Bikram today wearing a pink leopard regular bra, are you kidding?

My bras and I… we have a special bond. I would never, and I mean ever, sweat it out like that in one of my bras. You just don’t do that! This is why sporting apparel designers MAKE sports bras. They work, and you’re meant to sweat in them… therefore you aren’t ruining your dailies.

I understand, it’s yoga, not much cardio might mean you don’t need the support. But really? That bra you’re ruining will never be the same. Get one sports bra, wear it always instead of ruining great bra after great bra.

Unless of course you don’t care for your intimates… in which case, I rescind my entire view on you and your bra-ruining-ways. But if you don’t care about your intimates… well we can’t say much for how much you might care for other intimate things. Which reminds me… you don’t shave your armpits or legs #CaseClosed.

Not sure WHY you should wear a sports bra when working out? Other than the fact that you shouldn’t ruin your daily bras? Check out @IntimateGuide which dives deep into this bra-working-out business in this post about sports bras.

And just because… a hot girl in a sports bra:

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