Social Hustle: I’m Going to the US Open

I’m a hustler, a social media hus – a – ler, and it bothers people. Friends often reply on my exciting posts or tweets when I’ve won swag or prizes with loud angry comments, like this:

My only response is that I’m no one more special than the rest, I just enter contents, tweet, LIKE, post photos (whatever the contests/sweeps call for,) and I happen to win. What most people don’t know is that fans aren’t entering as many sweeps and contests as you think because they don’t care for the email/newsletter opt-ins, or the different steps to enter etc.

So if the chances are higher than you’ve though, then all you’ve got to lose… is your chance to WIN! If it’s something you’d love to snag just ENTER! It will literally take you 2 minutes TOPS. Especially if you’re using Chrome, auto fill, hello!

I could also just be luckier than all of you :), or it’s the whole philosophy that when you put out into the universe the things you want, you get them.

Here’s how my latest social media hustle happened:
I’ve never been to the @USOpen. Am I interested in Tennis? Meh, not so much. Would I enjoy experiencing the US Open at least once in my life? Absolutely. So I decided, like a homeless person gets in our faces on the subway for money, that I would “beg” the US Open for tickets; I tweeted them this instagram:

Well, US Open never got back to me, but the same day on an entirely separate note, I entered a sweeps via P.C. Richard & Son & Panasonic Viera on Facebook for US Open tickets. The following morning I woke up to a congratulatory email from P.C Richards saying that my US Open tickets would be mailed to me at home for the 8/31 7PM match-ups! Here they are, my lucky, well-earned tickets:

So I leave you with this thought, don’t hate the player… hate the game!…and play HARDER! Either way, I just know I’m going to the US Open Friday night!

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