16 Handles’ Gone Plastic

Who doesn’t love 16 Handles? I mean really? Every Sunday, post NY Jets games (especially because I’m usually stressed out,) I stop in at the 16 Handles next door to my Sunday Funday establishment in the East Villiage (@13thStepNYC) to enjoy a cup of heavenly Vanilla Sky with my favorite toppings which include, but are not limited to, Brownie and Cheesecake Bites, Fruity Pebbles, Strawberries and a little hot fudge, #yum.

I know I’m not the only fanatic. I’m sure you all Flaunt Your Flavor and enjoy a cup full of goodness every once in a blue. Look at all the love on instagram, the combos and possibilities are endless. Can I quickly rant about the spoons too? I wish I could remember not to throw them out, would love to reuse them at home.

Anyway, I write to share that they’ve made their loyalty program even better with plastic Rewards Cards instead of the stamped paper cards; I feel so legit now!

Purchases=points. Points=REWARDS.
Did you get one recently? Don’t forget to go online and register it.

These guys get it. Not only is the froyo delish, but their branding is on point and contagious… it’s all about YOU, “an uncontainable, independent champion of your own taste.”

16 Handles virgin? Find one near you and go… like, now.

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