You Are Not a Cartoon

Is being a normal, breathing human not enough these days? …rhetorical question.

Literally, ambitious people aspire every day to be more than just any body, as we should. Find a way to make a difference, to be the change etc. But how about these nut jobs that go to extremes to be anything BUT themselves?

I don’t mean to pass judgement, really… to each their own, but something about this seems off, psychologically.

Meet Anastasiya Shpagina, 19 year old Ukrainian real-life anime cartoon, thank you @huffpoststyle for the intro.

Don’t stare for too long, I promise you’ll think your brain is playing jokes on you.


I would absolutely high-five the girl if it were a sporadic dress up game, or Halloween costume, (seriously awesome makeup skills,) but I think this is extreme. She’s let it take over her life. She IS any one of the Sailor planets (Sailor Moon) …it’s a lifestyle.

It’s like she can’t differentiate fiction from real life.

Would love to hear from a psychiatrist on this matter because Ms. Anastasiya isn’t the only one, ever met Ms. Valeria Lukyanova? Real-life Barbie? Look, they hang out together:

Long story short you are not a cartoon, nor are you a plastic Barbie doll, and the fact that you’ve gone under the knife or spend 2 hours “becoming” this character on a daily basis is scary.

What do you think?

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