If You Ever Find Yourself Walking Through Penn

I don’t care if you hail from Long Island or New Jersey, or you just transferred from a subway ride from Brooklyn, Queens or GCT (Westchester/CT,) when you find yourself walking through Penn Station, you walk RIGHT.

I mean that in every sense of the word. You walk to the right of the walkway because we live in America and when moving forward we walk to the right side, but I also mean walk correctly, walk with purpose. Why do you need to dip back-and-forth? Who died and told you it was okay to bump into people during rush hour?

Everyday I walk from the NJT tracks to the 1-2-3 Subway entrance, and the anxiety I get from inconsiderate oblivious people walking slow, texting, talking, stopping short, is killing me softly.

I swear if Penn Station were an actual roadway everyone would just crash and die. This is literally how I feel, think…. streets in India:

My advice? Be smart, and plan ahead as you would driving somewhere unknown. If you know that your track is to the right side then walk as far to the right as you can, that way when you finally have to turn to take your train you’re not cutting people off to get there.

I honestly feel like it should be mandatory for people to be licensed to walk around in Manhattan, it’s really no different from driving.

So from all the frustrated commuters that feel my pain, please pay attention to where you’re going. Check your mirrors, but on your signal, and proceed with caution; we’re all just trying to get home.

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