Ginger Snapt(ed) Me at Lips NYC

There’s something about living in one of the greatest city’s in the world and not exploring every corner of it. It’s stupid…that’s what it is. I’m a fool.

Thanks to the likes of my Alabama clique though, I’ve had the privilege of doing some fun activities lately, i.e Sunday Brunch at Lips NYC. Go ahead, ask me where I’ve been or what rock I’ve been living under… I’m a disgrace, and if you haven’t been, then you are too.

But that’s why I’m writing this, so you can go because it is the best 2 hours you could spend at a Sunday brunch. The food is good and for $9 (in addition to $18.95 menu) you can have unlimited pitchers of mimosas or bloody mary’s.

From the “Dragbill” and discoballs, to the the pink bathrooms with studded-out vanity mirrors, Lips is SUCH a great time, especially for out-of-towners! It’s a super underrated must-see/visit/eat-at restaurant/show. The queens are so fantastic.

These amazing drag queens are expressing their personalities/alter ego’s with such exuberant confidence. To quote HuffPost regarding @RuPaul‘s Drag Race, drags in general teach us to “live our lives with uniqueness, nerve and talent.”

Standby while I figure out my alter ego drag queen uniqueness… something like
Anita Mann with a look similar to this:

Some photos from my first Lips experience:

…and video, not via Suaz Cam, because I was laughing so much I couldn’t hold my iphone, but basically everything you need to know:

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