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Know what’s cookin’, what you should be watching, reading, feasting your eyes over, and obsessing about with Suazmo!

1. Who cheers for the cheerleaders? I WILL! These girls are brave!

Colts Cheerleaders shave their heads in support of the teams’ head coach, Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia. “The team’s mascot challenged all the cheerleaders to shave their heads if they each raised $10,000 for cancer research. Megan and Crystal Ann together raised more than $22,000 online and had their heads shaved in the third quarter of Indianapolis’ face-off against the Bills, read more.

2. Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick, bare with me. TRY, just try, to be unbiased and watch it.

Forget Lindsay’s mess of a life and just watch the story unfold, it’s a beautiful battled love story. I enjoyed it and thought LiLo did the best she could, even looked more and more like the Liz we all knew in her later years towards the end of the movie; TV Guide listings.

3. Brute Force, rather, Fuerza Bruta. What a show!

My initial reaction, very trippy. I think it’s definitely something everyone should experience.  It’s an out-of-body experience in the music, sound effects, and 360 degree production and performances. Although short, and nothing like anything else on or off Broadway, the talented performers cannot be denied their fantastic stunts, endurance, and finesse. Catch it before it closes Jan. 6, 2013!

4. Don’t be scared of subtitles. Teddy Bear is a must watch.

The story of a charming 6’7 38-year-old Danish Body Builder momma’s boy/man, single and lacking social skills, looking for love. The mother-son relationship is unhealthy and watching muscle-clad “gentle giant” Kim Kold stand up to his mother for once, lie and travel to Thailand to find love is the type of stuff that pulls at your heartstrings; even the NYTimes‘.

Check out Kim Kold and director Mads Matthiesen at Sundance:

5. Colt Prattes.
Not much to say here except a quick thank you to Pink for the intro.

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