Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Took My Advice

That’s right, Lindsay took my advice! She’s getting her life together, for herself, and Oprah wants to know all about it. I stressed in my concerned letter to her that… …We’re the same age, or rather, I’m a couple of months shy of your age, 26, and don’t seem the least bit concerned about your […]


Dear Lindsay Lohan

Can you please get it together? What is it about your life that you hate so much? Get the rehab and all the judge and court sh*t over and DONE with and just get on with your life! Why do you insist on prolonging this? Aren’t you tired of looking so drunk and high all […]


Currently Obsessed With

Know what’s cookin’, what you should be watching, reading, feasting your eyes over, and obsessing about with Suazmo! 1. Who cheers for the cheerleaders? I WILL! These girls are brave! Colts Cheerleaders shave their heads in support of the teams’ head coach, Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia. “The team’s mascot challenged all the cheerleaders to shave their heads […]