Social Morning

(via Pinterest)

Hey kids, just a couple of quick thoughts I wanted to share as I started my day at 5AM today and it’s been nothing but great since!

A. Network, network, network. I can’t stress it enough. This connection came through my mom in the UK. She has a friend that is developing an app, whom after learning of my passion for social/digital marketing wanted to pick my brain about social media strategy around his app idea in the US. Nothing like a 6AM Skype call to “pick my brain.”
It went well though and all I can say is… this app is going to be big and I’m so excited to be privy to the idea/business objectives while in its discovery/strategy phase.

B. Woke up to this great email from 16 Handles:

we miss your sweet face

Yes that’s right, they’ve gone ahead and segmented their email lists by loyalty points and purchase history to figure out that I haven’t been to one of their stores to stuff my sweet face in a while. So what did they do? Gave me $5 to spend on my loyalty card.
Talk about smart marketing, and branding while we’re at it. Kudos 16 Handles – I’ve always said you guys are awesome.

C. I also woke up to my first invite to contribute to a Pinterest board, very exciting! I am one of about 90, (guess I’m not THAT special,) pinning on “Sun is Shining” — everything having to so with the sun shining bright, sunglasses.


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