Kale In Me Softly: Blogologues

I featured them on my “Currently Obsessed” last week and for good reason.
“Blogologues”, by Lively Productions, is a must see show and I can say that with authority because I saw the 11th production of Blogologues last week and it was amazing.

This production was titled “Kale In Me Softly” and like the last 10 Blogologues the themes are chosen based on hours, days, weeks of scouring the internet for relative blog posts, tweets, trends, memes etc;this one specifically related to everything Health & Fitness.

“We’re fascinated by how the internet has changed storytelling and the way we communicate, while providing an outlet for an unbelievable array of voices…

Once the show begins, everything you’ll hear is verbatim from the internet…the scenarios and characters are all ours, but the words are from bloggers across the web.”

Aside from hoping to be featured one day, they really are fantastic.
The $20 ticket ($18 pp for a group of 5+) is so worth the free beer, in-your-face live comedy experience, and trek down to the the LES – UNDER St. Marks.



Some of my favorite performances were:

– all the impersonations of Richard Simmons’ tweets @theweightsaintIMG_3740

I Guess I Don’t Like Kale Chips After Allauthenticexperience.orgIMG_3741

Baby Food Dietskinnygossip.com


Will It Blend againstlineofdance.wordpress.com

IMG_3743– The Hawaii Chairjoeposnanski.blogspot.com
– fantastic remake of Chicago’s “He Had It Coming” with Yelp reviews on The Barre Method

They also featured lots of great content from UrbanDictionary,Texts from Last Night, Overheard in NY, Lamebook, Damnyouautocorrect, and more.

Not sure what you’re waiting for… go check the schedule and be sure to buy tickets to the next show. Stay in touch too, they’re super responsive and fun:
@Blog_ologues or on Facebook.

Local bloggers featured in the show – I’ll be up there one day!
Blogologues Swag

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