Weekend Inspiration: Laughter

Do one of these things this weekend:


Aren’t they great? I hope they made you laugh. Because…

“Laughing is primal, our first way of communicating. Apes laugh.

So do dogs and rats.

Babies laugh long before they speak.

No one teaches you how to laugh. You just do.

And often you laugh involuntarily, in a specific rhythm and in certain spots in conversation…”

“Deaf people laugh without hearing, and people on cell phones laugh without seeing, illustrating that laughter isn’t dependent on a single sense but on social interactions, said Provine, author of the book “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation.”

“No study has shown that laughter produces a direct health benefit,” Provine said, largely because it’s hard to separate laughter from just good feelings.

But he thinks it doesn’t really matter:

“Isn’t the fact that laughter feels good when you do it, isn’t that enough?” – source

Yes Mr.¬†Baltimore neuroscientist Robert Provine… it is enough. With that said, spend this weekend, especially since you’ll probably be snow bound, laughing!

Read funny things, tell funny stories, just laugh! It’s the best medicine.

gathered via pinterest search “laughter”

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