Currently Obsessed With: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day, a day I’ve had mixed feelings about for years and years.
I’m all about the fact that we don’t need one day a year to show someone you love them or care. You should be doing it year round, because you love them.

“Just Becauses'” at least once a week for example. These things should just come naturally to you if that person really means the world to you.

Nothing I say of course will kill off the Hallmark holiday, so of course I’ve gone ahead and compiled some Valentine’s goodies for you all, from giveaways to gift ideas… just things that have plopped on my lap.

1. Spread Love with a 60 Second Valenvine
Mashable wants to put our creative Vine-minds to work by encouraging the love birds out there to create a Valen-Vine for Valentine’s Day. Are you up for the challenge? I am! You just wait and see! Watch the one Mashable created, and…

“be sure to tweet your creation and share it with the hashtag #Valenvine. We’ll be on the lookout for standout Valenvines and will feature them in a follow-up post here on Mashable.”

2. Send Your Love a “Very Sexy Valentine” via Victoria’s Secret
This is a great idea, mainly because there’s a guaranteed hot Angel in the eCard, you can customize the message at the end AND creating one enters you to their sweeps, a vacation for 2 to Maui! Can I get an amen? Click here to get started.


3. This Collage, Just Because. (via P.S I Made This)

4. Valentine’s Giveaways for my Single Ladies
Don’t have a beau planning, or not planning, a romantic night for you? Who cares.
Enter for these giveaways daily this week, not sure what the chances are that you’ll win, but if you do it will be a nice gift for yourself! Enter daily on Kelly Moore Bags.

5. Gift Idea for a Gent
Does your man have a need for speed? Think Fast and the Furious. If you answer yes, and you love him, and have money available, this $99 deal via pulsD NYC and Gotham Dream Cars, is available for another 3 days, 9 hours.

“A gentleman’s good behavior must be justly rewarded, so if he’s keeping in line so far this year, look no further…”

The $99 pass will give him access to drive a Ferrari F430 Spider or Lamborghini Gallardo for three laps on an autocross course at speeds of up to 100mph… I mean, I would even love this gift! Buy it here.
I mean, would you refuse a ride in this bad boy?

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