Leave Taylor Swift ALONE

I’m having such a Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone” moment right now and I don’t even care. Why does everyone care so damn much about Taylor Swifts’ love life, or lack there of? She’s a young, beautiful, singer, artist, performer and her personal life should be totally personal. Leave her alone.

I mean…really Glamour?

“We interrupt this pre-Oscars Friday to let you know: it’s time to invest in a new chapter in Taylor Swift‘s love life.”

A celeb goes bar hopping with a new friend and all of a sudden they’re in love. Let me guess, her next single will undoubtedly be pinned on the thought that it was written for this new guy. Uggh it’s nauseating!

Can you either love her music, or not? Buy her perfume, or not? That’s all she wants from you. On a daily basis people ask for more of you and you probably completely shove them out-of-the-way right? Why’s it so hard to do it when it’s a celebrity is involved.

I refuse to get as sad and depressing as Chris Crocker, I just needed to quickly vent. Thanks for listening. And TSwift, rock on woman. I like your music and could careless who you went bar hopping with last night.

Oh and I know you have an opinion… leave a reply below!

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