Ellen and Portia and Their Ranch

Apparently Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have this project home they’re “working on” in Hidden Valley, CA. Is this real? I mean, where are the personal effects? Is this really how celebrities live? Or was it all just cleaned up for the shoot? I mean, it’s almost scary how untouched and pristine everything looks.

Maybe it isn’t ready to live in yet? Or maybe it’s a second home? Either way ladies, can I see a pair of shoes somewhere? Or a jacket neatly draped over a couch? Some sense of LIFE?

“The couple’s 26-acre ranch in Hidden Valley, Calif., north of Los Angeles, is the epitome of rustic elegance, pairing DeGeneres’s notorious love of art and design with de Rossi’s passion for horseback riding.

The 26 acre ranch has two large barns at the center, as well as eight cabins, each of which DeGeneres, 55, working with decorator Jay Holman and designer Cliff Fong, designed to be unique.

The property mixes 20th-century designs by Jean Prouvé and Arne Jacobsen with industrial furnishings, old portraits and fencing masks (which is the same of their Beverly Hills home).”

– via Because I’m Addicted//Elle Decor

| see more photos here |

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