Calm My Spirit

Anxiety and stress is real y’all.

In addition to like the past 2 weeks and then some, today has been absolutely crazy – emotionally and in my head, and like everywhere. So much so that I turned to Google and the interwebs for an appropriate prayer that might help ease the crazy because I honestly had no idea how else I might stop myself from imploding and crying outside.

I’m trying to have a little faith… in that life, and this specific moment in time, is  a learning and growing experience for me.

Yes I know I can be iffy and weird about religion, but somewhere inside of me I need this.


I have been experiencing an extremely stressful time in my Life. I find myself in a melodramatic and over-exaggerated display of emotions… I suppose it is because I feel afraid, alone and I don’t know what to do. I AM listening Father. I AM listening for You to tell me the next step to take.

Father, I ask you to increase my Faith, discipline and resolve so that when I encounter difficult circumstances, my spirit is calmed. I AM certain that You have my best interests under Your Divine Control, Influence, Power and Love.

I am knocking. I am seeking. I am asking you to help me… I ask you to release me from this stressful situation.


prayer source


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