Hey Girl: Ryan-Gosling-it

Thank you developer geniuses with ladies’ boy crazy interests in mind! You’ve made my really tired day so… much… better.


This is not a joke ladies. You can “Ryan Gosling” your web pages with the click of a bookmarklet thanks to Brooklyn-based web developer Katherine Champagne who created the extension while studying at Dev Bootcamp Chicago. Katherine told Mashable all about it:

We had a curriculum challenge that involved manipulating webpage elements live using Javascript,” Champagne told Mashable, “and my programming pair and I were having fun changing all of his Dev Bootcamp profile information to make him appear as if he were Channing Tatum.”

My teacher, Kevin Solorio, walked by and threw down the gauntlet: make this a bookmarklet! Challenge accepted. I changed the concept from Channing Tatum to Ryan Gosling, and heygirl.io was born.

Obviously I tried it out. I dragged the button, per the directions on the one-page site, to my bookmarks bar; it’s going ahead of Gmail and Facebook… priorities people, priorities. I opened Facebook, clicked on the bookmarklet, and like magic:


I mean, what better way to spend hump day than #HeyGirling or #RyanGoslinging your web pages? Certifiably a must-have. Go, now.

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