Today on the Train: An Apology to my Fellow Commuters


I’m really sorry I dropped my medium iced coffee on our morning commute today. I’m sure you walked on disgruntled already to go to another day of work, and then to notice you’d have to find your way around the massive puddle in front me, the soaked newspaper, and the long tendrils spreading across the train?! I’d be mad too.

Sorry for that, and that your shoes will probably be sticky all day.

If it’s any consolation though, I had a pretty weird morning.

I tried curling my hair and it kind of just got puffy instead, and my back is still hurting from a spasm yesterday. When I got to Dunkin Donuts this morning they were so busy and I waited like 5 minutes for that coffee. They even made it wrong but I took it anyway.

Then a hot construction guy smiled at me and I thought,

OK! This is OK! Today is going to be great!

…but THEN I had issues finding parking. I finally got on the 1 train at around 8:45 at 238th St per usual, and seconds after sitting, in an attempt to lower the 24 oz cup to the floor, the top popped off and the terrible awful happened.


I am hoping the following also serves as consolation:

  • I got it all over my jeans;
  • I will smell like iced coffee all day;
  • my back does still hurt and so I also smell like Icy Hot;
  • I don’t have the proper dosage of caffeine;
  • this was probably karma anyway because I’m not supposed to be drinking coffee/skim/Splenda in any form;
  • the guilt killed me on the entire ride.

So really this sucks more for me than you, in which case I’m not even sure why I’m apologizing so aggressively. I still feel bad though so….sorry again for the inconvenience.

Special thanks to the lady that sacrificed her newspaper inserts to help stop the iced coffee from spreading even farther along the car.


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