Today on The Train/A Thought on this Friday

Inspired by my girl Girl Contrary, here is a Today on the Train/Here Is A Thought On A Friday mashup:


Does anyone feel the guilt and pressure that I feel when I’m happily sitting in a seat on a crowded rush-hour morning train and a woman with a large stomach walks on? It’s like… are you pregnant? But you can’t ask that right? But like, I want to get up for you/ask if you’d like to sit if you are with-child, but if you’re not then you’ll be pissed and I’ll be mortified.

So I end up spending the entire rest of my commute thinking you’re laser grilling me because I keep looking up trying to figure out if that’s a 5-month old baby in there or just a big 5-month-pregnant-looking stomach.

I just don’t know.

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