A Tweeting Bra


Did you ever think your bra might be able to tweet for you?
Seems silly and pointless but, in this case, it’s a great idea!

I can’t find out if this project is still running but I’ve been meaning to give kudos to the smart folks over at OglivyOne Athens and their work with Nestle Fitness’ first “Tweeting Bra”. In an attempt to create more awareness around women and their monthly self breast exams, the bra tweets every time you unhook it through low-voltage Bluetooth technology. Awesome right?

The bejeweled twitter birdie was crafted by Maroula Mavrogiannopoulou @mavroulita, one of the most popular TV presenters in Greece, who very willingly joined Nestle Fitness’ mission and will be wearing the tweeting bra for two weeks.

Would you buy one? Because I obviously would! Nestle Fitness… send me one?

Follow the @tweetingbra on twitter and learn more on their site!


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