Men Need an App to Manage Women

I’m no connoisseur in the boyfriend or man department so forgive me and my naivety here… but really guys? You need an APP to remember the last time you got me something? Oh wait… you’re not just dating me. Right, ok.

So, Mashable went ahead and featured “Amazing Girlfriend Manager” last week under “6 Weird Apps That Will Improve Your Life”.  This app is in the iOS app store under the “productivity” category.

Is this real life? Dudes need an app to keep track of women?

Why am I even surprised! Right? This is totally something BroBible would eat up.

“Never destroy another relationship with your inability to remember important dates and information again!

The Amazing Girlfriend Manager app prompts you to fill out important data about your significant other, including her birthdate, the date of your anniversary and various gifts you have given her. The app even lets you keep track of multiple girlfriends*.

*Using this app to keep track of multiple significant others at once not guaranteed to improve your life.”

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