P.S. Miami Was Lots of Fun

Remember how I said this year is the Year of the Weekender? Actually, I don’t think I ever said it on Suazmo but I’m saying it now: this year is all about ME and taking Friday-Sunday to myself in a different place not far from NYC as often as I can. I’ve never been to Chicago for example, or spent much time Boston.

I kicked off my Weekender Year with a mini excursion down to South Beach, Miami, just days before starting school again for the semester. I found myself exporting photos of other things just now at work and I stumbled on some great photos from the trip that I hadn’t shared to Instagram so I just have to share them all.

Note: I stayed at the Riviera Hotel and I highly recommend it. While it was not as close to the “hot” locations on Ocean Drive, it was beautiful, relaxing, and they provided awesome customer service! My friends stayed at Nash hotel which I also recommend. I stopped by one night and it’s Art Deco fun, bright, and modern. They also have a heated pool right in the courtyard(!), which – I mean…duh!

Car Service
Car Service to the airport! If you’re going to treat yourself… TREAT YO SELF!


AA Wing
Ready for take off from a brutal cold in NYC.
Dads Jeep
Just a beautiful Jeep…
Dad and I
One of the main reasons a trip to Miami was overdue… time with Daddio!
Goofy Sunglasses
Forgot sunglasses at home and I almost bought these for the weekend…
my travel buddies: Maxime and Kyle
WW on the Beach
Enjoying Wet Willies drinks on the beach
Random Girl
This random girl took a selfie… on my phone. Her number is also on my phone. I think her name is Stephanie.
Monster drink at Papa Gayo’s. Lethal.
Brunch at Pauls
Brunch at Paul’s on Lincoln Road.
Beach Panorama
Beach Panorama
Roof Top
View from the top of the Riviera, South Beach.
Banksy at Hotel
Banksy art all over the Riviera
Drink at Nikkis
Slammin’ drink at Nikki Beach! First time there :).
Last Night Drink
Last night, last drink. Sangrias.

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