If I Had a Valentine

It’s totally fine that I don’t have a Valentine this year. Really. Mainly because I don’t have the time to nurture a relationship outside of the ones with myself, school, my family, my BFF’s and my TV shows. But, if I had a Valentine, this blog post would be my gift suggestion post.

I’d say something like…

Hey, love of my life! In case you weren’t exactly sure what to get me for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas. xo, love you babe!

So, as the blog would follow, here are a couple of things that I could maybe want for Valentine’s Day, if I had a Valentine.

David Yurman ring just because.
An iPad so I can use Voice Over to read my school books!
This accent reading chair because I totally need it in my life.

Meanwhile, while I’m not getting gifted on Valentine’s Day, this will be me at a bar Friday night:

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