5 Affirmations Every Modern Woman Should Tell Herself

Thank you kindly Grace Carpenter for your post on Elite Daily regarding modern women and the daily pressure thrown at us to be something that we’re not. I loved it so that I have to highlight all 5 affirmations. I’ve included a small bit from each but I highly recommend you read the entire post.

I find these all to be so true and Grace is right, we need to say them to ourselves day in and day out. “I am not what I eat” is a hard one and probably the biggest challenge, but the rest are perfect daily reminders.

1. It is MY decision.
Enough of “I need to do this” and “I need to be that.” That’s not how people operate — independent people, at least. To be a functional, healthy, fulfilled adult, you need to decide what “this” is and what “that” is. That means that you need to develop your own vocabulary to express who you are and who you want to be and then devise your own strategy to become that person.

2. My body is not a coat hanger.
Your body is not a game piece. It’s how you move in the world. Your legs aren’t horrible trunks, they’re the motors propelling you forward, full of muscle and energy and movement. Your body is a miraculously complex composition of muscles and bones. Clothes go on it — they’re not supposed to wither it.

3. I am not what I eat.
It is never the wrong time of day for chocolate. Or muffins. Or a burger. You’ll be okay.

4. Other women aren’t objects just as I am not an object.
Stop woman-hating. Period.

5. Emotions are hysteria.
You’re not silly because you have emotions and they don’t make you less adequate, dumb or unreliable. Whether it’s feeling neglected by a friend with a new boyfriend, feeling threatened by your boyfriend’s pretty female friend, feeling angry at your over-protective parents or feeling lost in a brand new world — your emotions are your guide to discovering what’s wrong and then fixing it.

Click here to read the entire post.

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