10 Things a Single Woman Should Have in Her Fridge At All Times

Think Holly Golightly in (my favorite) Breakfast at Tiffany’s: the ultimate detached single woman. What’s in her fridge? Aside from the milk and the ballet slippers? We’re not exactly sure … but I think we can all assume that it’s probably very empty.

If you’re anything like me, and you’re never really home or the cooking/foodie type, going food shopping and buying lots of food is usually wasteful. I never cook/eat it -> It goes bad -> I throw it out -> money wasted. More often than not, this results in a pretty bare fridge. So I probably only really have half of the items below at any given time.

In order of priority, here’s a list put together by myself and @kaylalamoriarty, of 10 things every single woman should have in her fridge at all times:

1. Vodka, Champagne, or White Wine (or all 3)

2. Condiments, i.e. ketchup, syrup, salad dressing(s)

3. Frozen (and some fresh) veggies

4. Milk

5. Eggs

6. Leftovers

7. Cheese

8. Lemons

9. Bread (if you keep it refrigerated like me)

10. Ben & Jerry’s (pick your poison)

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