Do You with Gusto

So it’s 2017… and every one feels all kinds of feelings about 2016: our future as a nation, lots about Russia, China, healthcare, and the 1%…things I feel feelings about too but I’m choosing to shift my focus in 2017, or at least for these first few months, to just think about myself.

Thinking about myself? Yeah… I said it, something I never actively do with gusto (besides, litcherally, the rest of year is going to be about all my beautiful friends, and their new born babies and marriages). So… back to ME for a little.

2016 was my year of:

  • Slowing down
  • Loving
  • Hosting
  • Cooking

I don’t think I did any of those very well but I did take a first step in those directions and may actually be more prepared to live them out in 2017. Take for example all the DIY handywork projects I took on, like my new, amayzzz foyer!


…redesigned areas of my apartment I’m very excited to show off when I host more this year – already have 2 brunches scheduled and it’s only the 3rd week in January! (Hosting/cooking… check and check!)

Life to-date has been pretty goal focused for me: “6 figures and director title by 30” – true story. I’ve more recently realized though… that (1) that’s a lofty goal, (2) it’s ok if I’m not there yet – I’m definitely on the right track, (3) that can’t be my only life goal. If that’s my only goal than all I’m doing through this life is working for a title and salary… and that, my friends, is not ok.

So I’m keeping my same goals and aspirations for 2017:

  • Slow down (stop getting burned by hot objects especially! pay attention, Alex!)
  • Love (in whatever way, shape, form… title agnostic)
  • Host (friends and family)
  • Cook (for host-ees and myself)

“The Universe” said it pretty clearly today:

When little things start to bother you, Alexandra, it might be because you need more big things in your life. Happily, there’s a super-easy spiritual fix: Get out more.


If that’s not an obvious sign that I need to stop focusing so much on work and my career than I don’t what is.


Featured image from here.

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