Avocado Hand

Who doesn’t want avocado on…. everything?

I didn’t. Nope. Not until a few years ago when I decided to finally try avocado. Growing up I thought it was just a slimy type fruit (?!) plant thing that did nothing for me. So I shunned it. Mind you… it’s a key accompaniment to most Dominican dishes I ate – was always just an arm’s length away but no… no avocado for me.

Then somewhere along the way I decided to try it …probably because I started eating so much Guac at Blockheads  I figured, “if I like guac, I should love avocado!”

So I tried it … and loved it. Then Instagram ran wild with the easiest breakfast/brunch item: Avocado Toast.

Yes, I even made it once and it was so good… lightly dressed in the smoothest EVOO, salt and pepp and even crushed red pepp…yummmmo.

You’re probably now asking yourself, “what’s ‘avocado hand’ lady and who cares?” Well dear friend… avocado hand is an important story about how to be cautious when un-pitting an avocado.

Just this week in a healthy, meal prep, routine breakfast, I decided I wanted to add some avocado to my sliced hard boiled egg on toast.

I typically use a regular butter/dinner knife (duller than your average knife) – slide it around its length to pop it open perfectly. Then I do the non-pit side first… slide the knife long ways into slices, spoon it out, put it on toast. Then it’s time for the pitted side… oh, the pitted side.

I’ve had the privilege of un-pitting many avocados since having come into their delicious world and I can now say that I’ve been very lucky to not have hurt myself …because this time I did. Straight cut with the top of the knife into the side of my left hand by the knuckle of my pointer finger.

Thank god for my lifeguard first aid training from HS: apply pressure and elevate! Lucky again that I wasn’t using a real knife and I didn’t… you know… sever a tendon or need stitches.

I shared the sad news with my mom and sister who googled this and told me I fell victim to avocado hand! This is a THING that even happened to a woman as amazing as Meryl Streep. I mean… if it could happen to Meryl Streep… it could happen to anyone!

According to The Times of London, doctors and surgeons in the U.K. are becoming alarmed at the increasing rate of patients who accidentally lacerate their own hands while attempting to slice through avocados.


In fact, “avocado hand” has become so common that doctors at the St. Thomas hospital in London reportedly ready themselves for a “post-brunch surge” of avocado-related injuries on Saturday afternoons. One particular surgeon at the city’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital says he stitches up an average of four “avocado hands” per week. Read more >

We need better avocado handling skills people (!)… or, one of these… which I already purchased. OXO’s 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer.

Happy avocado toasting, friends!

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