Dear Future Husband

I’ve written a prayer for you and even found a song you should listen to about me… and now I’m venting because it’s been a few years.

Where are you?

Don’t you know that women love to wear their significant other’s comfy sweat pants and shirts and hoodies? I know you’ve grown close to your comfy clothes, and you probably look really great in those sweatpants especially, but at some point I’m going to need to wear them.

In the meantime, while you gallivant and take your time finding me, you’ve got me running around BUYING MY OWN oversized, comfy men’s clothing from the men’s departments at Kohl’s and Target like a sad, lonely woman. It’s getting old, future husband.

Don’t get me started either on how a men’s XL isn’t even large and comfy anymore. Apparently even sweatpants are fitted these days.

If you could just… hurry it up… that’d be lovely.


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