The quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.


Trending 3 different ways on Twitter in NY and 1 worldwide (#happyvalentinesday)…. today is just a horrible horrible hallmark holiday; as well as Single Awareness Day! Thanks to Lulu for the inspiration: Join me in the movement to help save our singles! LMFAO how funny?!?!? RT & share all day with the hash #SAVDAY (Singles […]



DWOTD: Cacata- pronounced CA CA TA “Moms cacata is legendary…” LOL, this is a little vulgar. Can’t really post a photo. Think… mom’s ah… “private parts”. P.S: This literally translates as a type of spider found in DR, check it>>


Hello Richard Cheese

Ohhh the things on the internet! The over night absurd celebrities that you’ll miss if you don’t keep on it. Such as, the hysterical Richard Cheese, and his ridiculous covers of pop/R&B (really any genre) songs with band “Lounge Against the Machine”. Wishing he’d go on tour, and come to the east coast! Mr. Cheese, can you hear me now? Check it… […]


Cover Album

In the near future… I will have my own cover album of all my favorite songs… and this might just be what the cover looks like… what do you think???!? Jokes aside… one of my favorite covers… Ingrid Michaelson, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” WITH Sara Bareilles! LOVE! Another one of my favs… Colbie […]


My iPod Flow…is Sick.

Lol look at this RANGE… just moi tweeting #np (now playing) randomly all day Feb 4th on twitter- FYI this is in order, as tweeted: #np @wisinyyandel Tu Cuerpo a Mi Me Provoca #np Calm Before the Storm @falloutboy “…he’s well hung, and I am hanging on….let’s get this party started!!!” #TGIF #np @TheStartingLine “I’m Real” […]