The quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.

Cash or Credit?

“Cash is KING”. Or so says this driver I had the joy of riding with. My initial intention was to just capture this man, that I felt was just more concerned about conversation with me than actually driving and paying attention to the road. Please look how he was just turned almost completely to me: […]


Greg & Rosanna

My favorite morning crew- Fox 5’s Good Day New York, Rosanna Scotto & Greg Kelly! Their chemistry is matchless, and they make my morning fly by. When I have time I usually tweet with @RosannaScotto– TOO much fun! I’m dying for Greg to get on it with the social media- in the meantime- I think Rosanna […]



I had to give Bella a shot… the easiest and last name on my Name Game… Today my name is game with the Starbucks Baristas! And they scored in 1 shot! Unless you doubt that that’s an A at the end… as I am LOL.


Plano TX & Hot Single Men

Women’s Health Says Plano No. 1 Place to Live for Women- it has the best “Overall Rank” of best, healthy ways of life- including most single healthy men! Apparently the ratio of men to women is ridiculously high! 139 single men for every 100 unattached women- Wooop! Men like this? I’m down! Read more>>



iShanella (@shanella) had a great idea yesterday- stemmed from my “Today My Name Is” silly Starbucks-AM-rush baristas theory: how they can never quite get your name right! So I started a category and thought I’d quickly post my name on random days where they didn’t get it correct; see more>>. The idea?- you’re probably wondering: mess […]