The quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.

Today on the Train: Heat Wave

As if the unbearable weather changes haven’t screwed with us enough, we are now in what is estimated to be a 4-day heat wave. That’s right folks! Let the whiny, bitchy, sweaty princesses of NYC (not excluding myself,) start their rants of FB posts/tweets (hashtag heatwave), Instagram #selfies (#poolside, in #flipflops, #RayBans, and #IcedCoffee,) and […]


I Actually Love Lucy

Thanks to my recent Optimum – Cablevision upgrade to “Gold” I now have all these ridiculous channels I’ve never had before. I did the upgrade for Showtime & Shameless but apparently upgrading entirely versus JUST the Showtime channel is a great deal — so obviously I had to GO GOLD. Among my new channels is the […]


Dear Lindsay Lohan

Can you please get it together? What is it about your life that you hate so much? Get the rehab and all the judge and court sh*t over and DONE with and just get on with your life! Why do you insist on prolonging this? Aren’t you tired of looking so drunk and high all […]


Best Husband Award

The Best Husband Award goes to… THE Mr. Alfredo di Lelio, the genius that created Fettuccine Alfredo. So I’m sitting talking to a co-worker and we’re discussing travel and Europe. His favorite country is Italy, and apparently had eaten the best food in Rome. He told me a story about how when he went with his […]


Ode to DR

I know what my closest Dominican friends are going to say, something along the lines of: “you’re so white, you think you’re Italian! You always say you love white guys and Italian guys…. but you know you’re Dominican, stop denying it.” Yes, I know I am guys! I speak Spanish, sounds pretty hick-dominican too. I’m really loud and many […]


Cash or Credit?

“Cash is KING”. Or so says this driver I had the joy of riding with. My initial intention was to just capture this man, that I felt was just more concerned about conversation with me than actually driving and paying attention to the road. Please look how he was just turned almost completely to me: […]