Week 1 #Last18

Yesterday was my first day of training with Will! Tough cookie indeed, but a good trainer; seriously- all in the name of my 8 week challenge to Wonder Woman, my last 18 lbs! (#8wkswonderwoman). Weigh-in and measurements Monday 5/23 AM: 183.8 lbs Bust: 41 Waist: 34.5 Hips: 41 I’ll weigh-in and measure every Monday. After […]


Spring Cleaning Zipper Detail

Spring cleaning today I tried on all my little numbers- primarily dresses. Jeans are pretty done, I think I have maybe 2 pairs left that are passable- and tops still fit. Here’s the deal, that I’d like to clarify- I only really bought a couple of ‘fat clothes’- otherwise, I was just wearing my clothes […]