Week 1 #Last18

Yesterday was my first day of training with Will! Tough cookie indeed, but a good trainer; seriously- all in the name of my 8 week challenge to Wonder Woman, my last 18 lbs! (#8wkswonderwoman).

Weigh-in and measurements Monday 5/23 AM:

183.8 lbs
Bust: 41
Waist: 34.5
Hips: 41

I’ll weigh-in and measure every Monday.

After yesterday’s workout I felt good- even Will told me that I was a good trainee :). So reassuring! Check out our knees just from yesterday:

Why are our knees busted? Well, Will incorporates a lot of CrossFit, functional movements- using my own weight etc- so lots of knees, elbows, hands on the ground and planks of the Christopher Street Pier.

Today, Day 2: sprints/suicides were a bit easier but he killed me with a different circuit including kettle bells, ab work and more. IN TENSE.

He tweeted, “New torture devices for todays workout with @la_suazo#evilgrin, ” I was skurred, to say the LEAST.

Sprints are probably the most difficult for me. While I’ve been running 5K’s, long distance/endurance, sprints are tougher- and haven’t done them in YEARS.

I feel good, again of course. Tired- things are bruising- so it’s time to actually ice:

We’ll be training together Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and I’m training the other days on my own as follows:

Monday: AM Spinning, PM Will
Tuesday:  AM Off, PM Will
Wednesday: AM Running, PM Off
Thursday: AM Spinning, PM Will
Friday: AM TBC, PM Off
Saturday: AM Running/Cardio
Sunday: Swimming or Bikram

Wish me luck!!! 18 to go!

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